How to Get Over the Jealousy

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Bradley

I am in the separation stage with my wife and her standing is she does not want to be married. The only problem is we still live together because unfortunately I have no where to go and we only have one car. We are both full time college students and financially divorce would be very difficult. In reality she still needs me here to help with our children, due to her schedule in school. This is a very difficult position for me I am having a hard time with her moving on and a serious problem with her meeting someone else. What do I do to address this issue in my own life how do I get over the jealousy?

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1 Jason

It has to be hard when you are still living together, knowing things aren’t going to work out. I would start by sitting down together and setting ground rules about having people over. Also, I would not rush getting into a new relationship. I know you don’t have any control over what she does but you can give yourself to heal and prepare for what is coming. Don’t focus on what (who) she is doing or seeing; love yourself and get your life put back together. If you don’t do it now you will repeat the same mistakes. Lastly, continue to pray and let God work in your heart; it will take time but you will get where you want to be.

2 Donna

I would suggest going to rejoice ministries and asking for prayer for the restoration of your marriage, and also check out and ask for prayer there too. There is still a chance a huge chance for reconciliation. don’t give up hope yet pray and pray hard. My husband has cheated on me with so many women he can’t even remember, he has done worse things. The enemy is the DEVIL and he is trying to ruin your family. Resist him and pray non stop. This marriage is a covenant before God, don’t give up your wife without a fight. You love her and she loves you, the devil is just trying to rob, steal, and destroy, and kill like he always tries to do.

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