What Should I Do

Submitted by Andrea

I am married and i tried filing for a divorce because my husband wanted it. The divorce was denied by the courts and i looked at it as a sign that we shouldnt get a divorce. he hurt me so bad so i dont know if i should just pray that we reunite or if i should go through with the divorce because a part of me wants to end it because i know i deserve the best. but i still love him and after reading in the bible i dont want to do anything that would upset God. I dont know what the best thing to do.

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  1. Andrea, I would suggest talking to a Christian counselor. I found it very helpful and it really helped me understand who I was and the things I needed to work on. You need someone to talk things out with and they usually are not bias towards one or the other so you can get a good advice. I would continue to pray and listen for what God says. Try to see through your emotions and remember that God has a plan.

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