Raising Children with Christian Values

Submitted by Mark

How do I raise a daughter, who see’s her mother in an adulteries relationship, with Christian values? How do I not speak ill of her mother’s actions when the child speaks of them in an ill way? Can I still love my ex and let my daughter understand it is threw the Grace of God that I can forgive her actions, love her, but still disapprove of her actions?

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  1. I had to accept that I can not change what my ex was doing and what my little girl was exposed to. As long as it was acceptable to society I had no control whatsoever, I had to pray and show my daughter through my life how things should be and that I made mistakes also. The best solution would be for you and your ex to determine the best way to raise your daughter and what values to teach but it is doubtful she will give up her relationship if she hasn’t already. I also found it difficult to speak of my ex negatively because my daughter didn’t understand what I was talking about and it upset her. I just prayed that God would take her by the hand and raise her to love and live a life for Him.

  2. I’m in the same situation right now, I’ve raised my children to follows what’s written in the bible. My ex used to be somewhat of a believer but that changed significantly over the years. He’s now having one of the girls he had an affair with sleep over at his place when my kids are there. This breaks my heart, I don’t want my kids to think this is ok either. They both say they’d never do that and think it’s stupid, but still, they’re at very impressisional ages and my hearts aches for them.

  3. Mark, if you find an answer…please share. My wife was in an affair, she left and now lives with her boyfriend. His 9 yr old is there every other weekend. My 6 yr old is there 1 day every weekend. They’re inconsideration for the children is aggravating and the law doesn’t care about morals. My son says what mother is doing is not right, but it’s not not right. His main motivation is struggling to get the love he lost when his mother left…so I just pray that God will watch over him and protect him. Unfortunately, that seems to be all one can do because there are no penalties to the cheaters.

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