Valid Reason to Divorce

Sumbitted by Gareth

when i got married i knew very little about what it meant to get married and because i grew up in a household where my parents divorced i thought it was bad but not the end of the world you know….
i married my wife for reasons other than what i should have . we would always fight even before our marriage.
we have been married for 2 years and 78% of the time we were fighting. i have reached a point were i think that i dont want this anymore…. is this a valid reason to get divorced?

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  1. Biblically, this is not a valid reason to get a divorce. Look for ways to resolve your issues. Learn the tools to make your marriage work and break the negative cycle. Learn to love and refuse to argue, especially about things that don’t make any difference. You might be surprised what happens if you react with kind words instead of fueling the fire. Nobody wants to be in a relationship that is filled with fighting but you can either learn how to have a healthy relationship now or later, but changing partners usually won’t make the problems go away.

    There are a lot of great relationship books available, talk to a counselor or pastor at church but really try to work things out, even if your wife isn’t ready. When she sees the changes in you she may follow suit.

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