Spouse Making Child Custody Difficult

Submitted by James

2 yrs after my divorce it has turned ugly. We share 50/50 with our kids. I have remarried and since that time 2 of the 17 and 15 live with me. The other 2 are week to week. My ex now has moved in with a boy friend. She quit her job to go back to school and also lost the insurance on the kids. This was stipulated in court. She is now demanding that I pay for insurance and maintain her full payment of support. The main thing is she is forcing me to make our children spend time with her. They have both a cell and email. They are and have been free to be with whichever parent they choose. How to I handle this strong arm approach. Thank You

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  1. Laws vary from state to state but if the divorce decree says she needs to keep insurance that is her responsibility. If she doesn’t you should be able to take it out of the child support. I wouldn’t think that just because someone quits working to go to school they get more support. In Idaho it is based off what a person is capable of making. Of course you should talk to a lawyer for some advice but don’t let her strong arm you. But you need to be delicate because you don’t want to involve the children, stick with the custody agreement so you can continue to see your kids every other week. That paperwork is important, it is a court order.

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