One Reply to “How do you deal with the fear of being hurt again?”

  1. This is a real fear and many encounter it. I know I did but they key is to not let the fear control you and keep you from getting into a new relationship. Instead us it to guide you and make better decisions; it could be telling you that you aren’t ready to date or that the guy you are interested in isn’t ready or a suitable match.

    Admit the fear exists, take a deep breath and reassure yourself that you deserve to be happy and you will find a person that will cherish and love you. Relationships are difficult and honestly, there is a chance we could get hurt again, but that should not keep us from loving and receiving love.

    I spent several years working on my faults, becoming more emotionally healthy. I think this is a critical step in preventing being hurt again. When we are emotionally healthy we attract emotionally healthy people and we recognize the characteristics in others that we used to be drawn to, good and bad. It also helps keep us from settling or thinking we can change a person. We all deserve the best!

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