Men Coping with Divorce

Men coping with divorce is obviously just as common as women dealing with divorce but because men and women are wired differently the manner in which they cope can be very different. Men have been accused of lacking emotion or the inability to deal with emotion compared to their counterparts. When it comes to coping with divorce, it is very important to deal with the emotions you are feeling. Suppressing them is only going to make matters worse and will hinder the healing progress.

Anger, denial and pride can influence men coping with divorce to make poor decisions. Encouraging them to get back into the game before they are ready, self-medicate with alcohol, becoming a workaholic, sleeping the day away and acting like nothing is wrong. Dealing with your feelings after divorce is important and you begin by acknowledging they exist.

One of the biggest challenges for men is they feel like they failed, they weren’t good enough or unable to provide what their spouse needed. Sure there may be some truth, but marriage takes two to be successful or not. Don’t let feelings of failure control you but instead learn from your mistakes, apply the knowledge and work on being a better person.

Don’t be fearful of reaching out to others for help. Talking to a friend, someone that genuinely can listen and understand what you are going through and not encourage you to get involved in things that are self-destructive or avoid dealing with your feelings. Another option is professional counseling; there are many trained professionals that can help men coping with divorce. It is okay to tap these resources, it doesn’t make you weak, and in fact, it will make you stronger.

Dealing with any emotional stress can have negative consequences. The best way to help manage the stress and emotional strain your body is going through is to get physically active. Engaging in a physical activity will help you feel better and be more positive throughout the day but it doesn’t hurt to practice positive thinking as well.

Over time you will begin to feel better and be able to get on with your life but don’t rush it. Some wounds take longer to heal, and you don’t want to ignore your feelings. Deal with them, become emotionally healthy and grow from the experience; what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!