Finding Joy

Finding joy is something many people long for; it seems to be a simple enough concept but unfortunately it can be very elusive. Joy isn’t one of those things that we always feel, and it can come and go. Life’s problems failed relationships and unmet expectations are all factors that influence joy or the lack of.

For many, finding joy requires a whole new outlook on life. Studies show that it isn’t the things we have or how much money we earn that brings us joy it is the outlook we have on life and how we deal with uncertainty, change and problems that we encounter.

After divorce; sadness, grief, fear and uncertainty take over pushing joy right out the window. Some wonder if they will ever recover, but the good news is you can have your joy back sooner than you think.

No matter what happens, good or bad, the effect on your happiness is only temporary if you focus on being optimistic. Having a positive outlook on life is vital to finding joy and living a joy-filled life. When you realize that you have a purpose on this earth and you are capable of amazing things being optimistic will be second nature.

Studies show that no matter how you feel smiling will elevate your mood. Smiling is often overlooked yet it is a powerful tool for finding joy.

As Christians are forgiven, they are asked to forgive, but this can be very hard when we have been deeply wronged. Nevertheless forgiving others for what they have done is important to joy. If you don’t forgive you will become a victim, focusing on the wrongs that have been done to you. Bitterness will develop a foothold on your life and choke out any joy and peace.

Build, nurture and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family. Having a support group when things get tough can help keep you optimistic and motivated.

Follow your passion – we all have things we are passionate about. They are things we like to do when we want to relax and enjoy life. Don’t let your life become so busy with chasing things that won’t satisfy your search for joy. Doing things you are passionate about will lead you down the road of happiness and a fulfilled life.

Diet and exercise play an important role in how we look and feel about ourselves; it will also help you in finding joy.

Continue to seek God and your relationship with Him. We all have a desire to be close to God, and when that relationship suffers our emotional, spiritual and mental states suffer.

Finding joy is a daily process, and it starts from the moment we wake and continues throughout the day. Finding joy is something that comes from within; material possessions, power, and riches won’t bring you joy. Instead, these things can create additional worry and pressure. Remind yourself that no matter what happens in your life that you will overcome and change the way you think and feel. Finding joy doesn’t require turning over rocks or looking in a secret hiding place nor is it something that other people can give you. You have the power to feel any way you choose.

Traumatizing events such as divorce, the death of a loved one, loss of a job or even death of a pet can greatly influence the quality of your life. But those events don’t have to keep you down. Finding joy is a process, and it can’t be forced. Take it one step a time.