Mean People Suck

Submitted by Peggy

I have joined two different churches since moving to this area, which I have lived in for the past 20+ years, and both have ignored my attempts to join various volunteer groups within the congregations.

I met with the Pastor of one who just didn’t have any answers as to why. I’ve given up and am at a sad loss to understand why I have to be shunned by fellow believers.

One Reply to “Mean People Suck”

  1. Churches are run by people with faults, however I have never known one to turn away volunteers unless it is for a specific outreach like needing a doctor to go to India to treat the sick. If the groups at your church won’t help look to the community. I used to go to the Veterans Care facility and help there. Don’t give up and don’t hold a grudge. Maybe God is directing you to a specific area and you just haven’t found it yet.

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