Reasons People Remarry

There are good and bad reasons to remarry after divorce. Unfortunately, many people remarry for bad reasons, and either have a rough marriage or end up divorced again.

An ideal scenario when it comes to remarriage is to marry someone because you are best friends, have similar goals and both want to be the people God created you to be. But more often after divorce people don’t take the time to deal with the baggage and hurt from their previous marriage or life’s setbacks.

Common Reasons People Remarry

  • Rescuer – if you get involved with another person because you feel you can help them, rescue, with their problems you may become emotionally attached and develop a co-dependent and dysfunctional relationship. The rescuer gives, and the other takes; eventually this could lead to resentment or if the problem is solved and the rescuer is no longer needed the couple is stuck together.
  • Rebound – getting involved after a failed relationship to not feel lonely or to be connected is part of rebounding. If you don’t deal with the here and how and rush to satisfy your immediate wants and needs you could find yourself in another marriage destined to fail.
  • Guilty Feelings – can lead to remarriage before it is time. Often if we get involved with someone and have pre-marital sex, it can lead to feelings of guilt that may lead to marriage, even to the wrong person.
  • Pregnancy – having pre-marital sex has its consequences and one of them are pregnancy. Having a child is a big responsibility, and we all want our children to grow up in a loving home, so the natural response is to get married.

Marriage is a gift from God; we need to value, protect and make it a high priority in our lives. Going through a divorce is painful, and I would imagine nobody ever wants to experience it again. In fact, that is one reason many couples today choose to cohabitate rather than marry, however, this is not God’s way. Let your reasons to remarry after divorce be the right ones and learn to love, communicate and compromise. You can have a blessed and happy marriage after divorce if you truly work on being the person God has created you to be.

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  1. Unfortunately, common reasons for remarrying aren’t always ideal. What makes all the difference, however, is how people commit to the marriage and make it work.

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