Grief after Divorce Still Got You Down

Grief after divorce can be an on-going process. Everyone’s grief is different, and people deal with it in their way and in their own time. The feelings of intense grief should lessen over time; ignoring, suppressing or rushing it won’t make your grief go away. You simply need to deal with it and let it run its course.

Tips for Dealing with Grief after Divorce

  • Grief Takes Time – It can take a long time to get over a divorce, especially if you have been married for a long time. You will have good and bad days, but over time the intensity will lessen.
  • Forgiveness – Without forgiveness, we tend to hold on to the resentment and bitterness which can fuel grief making you feel like you were wronged. If you take on the victim role, you won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Grief is a Process – There are several stages of grief; you may feel denial, disbelief, anger, sadness and eventually acceptance. Take the time to work through your feelings. Read more about the stages of grief.
  • Growth – Grief involves growth and learning new things about yourself. You will find new strengths that result in emotional growth. You might even discover some weakness that you can work on. If grief after divorce is too overwhelming, you should probably look into getting counseling to learn methods of coping.

Don’t sit around doing nothing; you can overcome grief after divorce and get on with your life. If you are struggling, take the time to look into resources to help you cope, talk to a friend or counselor but don’t just sit there feeling bad, take action.