I Feel Like a Failure

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Lea

I am writing because I am notsure what to read. I was reading your blog, still not sure. I was married 29yrs. Meet at 14 teen, talked in to marriage at almost 16. Being shy of 16 they wouldn’t marry us. So by the time I was 18 I had a two yrs old son. The father comes back after leaving me at 8 Mon pregnant. If says I was the nices girl, no one would put up with him. 4 of us got drunk talked me in to marriage. Got saved at 20. Very strong Christian. Taught in church for yrs. Believe God for my husband at the time. I was crying at church one day a man prayed for me. Said he is not willing to change God won’t make him. Something in me snapped I was done. Divorced 3yrs. Later. Started talking to a man ive none for 35yrs. We are married now. But I’m still struggling with my divorce. I feel like a failure. My new marriage was a Miracle from the beginning. Our love is so strong.

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1 Jason

You were married for a long time… it will take awhile for to heal, however since you are currently married I would suggest letting go of the past and enjoying your current marriage. Forgive your ex, yourself and move on. Live in the present! So often we get stuck in the past and don’t appreciate the blessing we currently have. Take a self-inventory and see what is holding you back then tackle it head on. Instead of feeling like you are a failure tell yourself that you are a child of God’s whom He loves and cherishes.

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