Be the Miracle

It seems like our view of a miracle isn’t what it used to be. Biblical miracles tend to revolve around raising people from the dead, healing the blind, making water into wine, and feeding the masses. Today a miracle can be finding our keys, getting to work on time, or making it through one more crummy day.

Divorce has a way of making life seem miserable. The pain can be unimaginable, and it feels like it won’t take anything less than a miracle to survive one more day.

Our physical, financial, and emotional state are in despair yet, if we trust in God, something begins to happen. Our spiritual state grows, and our relationship with God multiplies. Even though we are grieving, we find that we have faith that everything is going to work out eventually. God didn’t do this to us, and He did not abandon us. It takes time to heal from the pain of divorce and get back on your feet. And nearly half the population of the United States will have to walk this road unless there is a morality shift.

Consider this: We are a miracle from the day every one of us was born. We all are unique, have different destinies, and missions in life. God has called us according to His will and has a plan for us. If you want to break free from the bondage then you need to trust that God loves you, you need to love yourself, and realize that you are part of a much bigger plan; one that you can’t yet imagine. Don’t wait for your circumstances or situation to change to be happy. Instead, understand that no circumstance or situation is too large for God to handle. Turn the pain, anger, depression, fear, pity, hatred, bitterness, and worry over to God and live as the miracle God created.

Never Give Up