Save Your Relationship with a Refresher

Every day people fall madly in love and get into long-term relationships that end in marriage. They beam at each other as they walk from the altar, feeling that nothing is impossible and their love will withstand any and every obstacle it encounters. Eventually, however, reality sets in and the honeymoon phase ends. Daily life becomes the focus, and the couple may become like two ships passing in the night. Little annoyances like dishes in the sink, the toothpaste cap left off, and the toilet paper roll being put on the wrong direction can turn into major arguments.

You are not alone if you feel that your relationship is in need of a refresher. You may feel resentment, boredom, argumentative, bitter, and lack the joy you once had in the relationship. The good news is that you can save your relationship by making simple changes.

Happiness isn’t an easy task; it must be earned with hard work and dedication. Reality rarely measures up to our imagination, which can lead to disappointment. It is important to examine situations through an optimistic lens and a fresh viewpoint. Save your relationship by making it a priority! Respect each other, communicate daily, be honest, support one another’s goals and interests, laugh together, fight fair, forgive, express gratitude, make important decisions together (finances, children, vacations, etc.), and take romantic getaways.

Love is never a finished product, it must be nurtured and fed to keep growing, or it will waste away. Love gives the push that keeps a marriage moving, but it does not give the direction. The direction comes from understanding and cooperation between two people.

Couples need to cope with their problems by realizing that happiness won’t “just” happen; it comes with an understanding and willingness to work and work hard, for the greatest blessing of their lives.