Blended Families

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Nadia

I’m married to a wonderful man, which was divored before we met. The daughter from this marriage was by the court givin to my husband, it’s not easy for me and I do believe not with her as well. When I met my husband the ex-wife told the child I do not what, that is when she came back to him with an attitude. She is a child, but the mother is an adult. My question is, I’m a born again christian trying so hard to forgive her and move on with my live, but everytime I move forward she is again calling to she the child which is fine, but how many rights do she have if she’s not paying maintenance, and when the child do go to her she comes back with an attidude we have no idea what happend. How can I forgive and forget what she is doing not just to me, but to the child that is in do many innoccend in al of that. How can I move passed all of this. She also have another child also living with his father but not ones is she trying to get him to visit, why me, why this child? I desaperetly need HELP.

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1 Jason

It is often difficult dealing with bleneded families. I suggest doing the best you and can loving the children. Forgive and move on, don’t try. I also suggest getting involved with some counseling. Professional counselors are trained to deal with these kind of things and they can have some great ideas. You can’t control the other parent or get rid of them so the best thing I have learned is to deal with it the best I can and that comes with education, prayer, forgiveness, patience and asking God to fill my heart with love. Good luck!

2 Trish

Some advice from a (former) stepmom… pray to God to give you strength to deal with your situation! Problems like this caused conflict in my marriage that has now ended after 14 1/2 years. I had an unforgiving heart and held resentment towards my ex-husband and his ex-wife that tore me up inside for too many years. Do all you can to work through situations as they arise to avoid problems in your marriage! Good luck!

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