Am I Being Punished?

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Jenny

My husband and I had a very difficult marriage. From the beginning he lied constantly, had a drug problem, drank alcohol, didn’t go to church, etc, etc. After 4 yrs I left and filed for divorce.

THen something amazing happened – God saved me. And when He did His voice was loud and clear — Go back to your husband and be a Godly wife. So I did.

It went fairly well for 3 years, then he started being more mean to me than usual. That went on for about 5 months and I decided I couldn’t take anymore and talked to God about divorce — he said no, stay. So I did.

About two weeks later, I found out he had been having an affair and he wanted to be with her. He loved her.

So now, we are divorced and I am left feeling dead and empty. I cannot feel God, I cannot pray, and I can’t even read the Word. I feel as though I am being punished. I need some Godly advice, please.

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1 Jason

I know how it feels to think that we are pleasing God and doing His will only to have everything come crashing down. The honest truth is you may very well have been following God’s will, unfortunately, your husband was not. Whether you were off the mark a bit or not I believe that God will reward you for your obedience and you are not being punished. God does not punish His children. He may discipline us from time to time but that is it. We tend to be the ones that condemn and feel guilt. I suggest you let that go and focus on the fact that God LOVES you! Because He does. Take small steps and get back into the word, prayer and church. Eventually what you are going through will pass. Look for positive things each day and thank God for them. You are going to be okay.

2 Jay


Praise God for guiding you to this website. This website has saved my faith when I was at the worst in my life. In my heart, I do not believe God is punishing you. I do believe that God allows things to happen to us so that we seek Him first. We always look at our problems before we look at the cross. I believe you were following God’s will. “If you truly love me, you will follow my commandments”. We may feel like we are living in a natural world, but in the supernatural world, there is a spiritual battle for you. Be strong in Christ my sister. Me and my wife will be starting the divorce process soon. After she left me for another man, I believed God told me to still stay true to the marriage, even though she was living with the other man. I did this for over a year. Was God punishing me? No, but was I drawing closer to Him? Yes I was. And now I am at peace. My ex threatens to keep my son away. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff she says to me. But it doesn’t matter. I may never see my son again, but God will keep him safe. God created Mary to bring Jesus into this world, she was a vessel for God. In the same light, I was just a vessel to bring my son into this world. God will take care of him. I trust God blindly. The world may think I am crazy, but when are supposed to live for the world? We are just dust, and God acknowledges this in the bible. He know we are not perfect. We do make mistakes, but God uses those mistakes for His glory. The peace I have from knowing that God is in control is overwhelming and such an amazing feeling. I will pray for you Jenny. May God hold you close. God Bless.


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