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Submitted by Mike

A long story short. I have been divorced for 2 yrs. Up and down with the ex. More down… I have taken care of my 4 kiddos since the divorce. My ex. re married and now is trying to get full custody of our kiddos. I have a 17-15-12-7 year olds. My 17 and 15 year old boys got in a huge argument on x-mas night (over a x-box game). I had to break it up and in the process I pushed the 15 yo on the ground and told him to calm down. Well 3 months later the ex is claiming child abuse…My 15 yo has tried to tell her what happened and now she has blown it up way out of proportion. My kids choose to live with me for a reason. I just do not know what to do. I can not afford a legal battle. The ex is also fired up because I am ending alimony since she re-married. Has anyone else had false allegations against them and if so how did you handle it? Thank You

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1 Jason

Mike since you have been taking care of your children for the past several years the courts will take that into consideration, in the unlikely chance it goes that far. They don’t want to disrupt their lives and it looks like 3 of your kids will have a say in the matter because of their age. Plus you got to wonder what her new husband is thinking… I would be very terrified to bring teenage boys into the house after a custody battle. They would eat me alive. I would not worry too much, sounds like you are good dad and knocking a 15 year old down doesn’t sound to me like abuse. I used to get sat on… But then that was a different time. Hang in there and don’t be intimidated. You are doing a good job. Protect your children, keep their best interests in mind and don’t allow your ex to put them in the middle. I hope you find some good advice to help.

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