Should I Contest Divorce

Submitted by Brock

Do I settle if she wants a non contested divorce or do I let her file and contest the divorce, even though the result will be the same. I don’t feel I should pay alimony based on the situation so how do I proceed if she is not being reasonable?

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  1. Brock, I did not contest my divorce. The only thing we had to split was our debt and child custody. We did 50/50 on both. If I were you I would talk to a lawyer (actually more than one especially if they try to scare you into hiring them) and see that in fact the results would be the same and if so then save your money. However, if you need to protect your assets and parental rights I would consider getting a lawyer as well. It is a really tough call to have to make. May God be with you and bless you with wisdom.

  2. The hardest part in the decision is that she is choosing to end the marriage but being unreasonable in what she up wants, over an above child support. She’s 34 with a college degree but thinks she should get enought to continue staying at home, even though both kids are in school full time. If she would be realistic I could see myself settling, even though it feels like giving in

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