Getting Over Him

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Faith

Ive been divoced for a little a year, still stock him online, constansly dream about him, me, and other woman, have nightmares, think of him during my intimate moments, daydream, basic major denial. im bi polar, have three small children, no family or friend support in my current state, not sure to go to mental hospital or where to turn. seem him several times a week for split custody how do I stop thinking of him, stocking and trying to find the other woman he got pregnant, trying to please him, get rid of nasty nightmares, mantain my sanity, im afriad of sleeping now. please help me im lost afriad and so lonely.

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1 Jason

I would definitely stop stalking him. You are only hurting yourself and certainly wasting your time. Sure you want answers but they won’t make it any easier to deal with the situation. Stop living your life about him and make it about you, turn your focus from him and put this energy into other more productive things – you for starters.

I went to counseling for a few months afterward and I found it very helpful. You should give it a try. Consider finding a support group. I also think once you stop spending your days thinking, trying to please and worrying about him you will lose the nightmares. But you’ve got to let things go. Also get physically active; exercise, jog, bike ride, hike and get out and have some fun.

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