How to Heal

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Cindy

I would like help with dealing with the loss of the hopes and dreams of my marriage. It seems that everywhere I look I am reminded of things we shared. How do I heal from this? What are the steps I should take to heal? I would also like help with how to heal from the emotional and physical abuse from my marriage. I find myself also remembering and reliving the trauma and emotional events of my marriage.

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1 Jason

Cindy, it takes time and the longer you were married the more time it will take. Make sure that the hopes and dreams you are holding on to aren’t illusions, we often expect so much only to be let down when things don’t work out our way. Your life can still be filled with whatever you want, just because you are divorced doesn’t mean you won’t ever find the happiness you seek. Try to find things to be grateful for everyday! Turn your negative thoughts to positive and try reading the free divorce recovery book”.

I spent several months talking to a counselor and it helped me a lot. She was associated with an organization that worked off donations rather than a high fee. There are options available. Ultimately, you need to realize that you have a great life ahead of you, go out and get it.

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