Pinching Pennies

For many Americans today, finances are tight, and everyone is looking for ways to pinch pennies and save money. Almost immediately after a divorce, a family’s income is cut by 1/3rd or more, depending on who had the most significant paycheck and how much each person worked. Starting over again and taking care of children at multiple residents isn’t cheap.

Since everyone requires food, a good portion of the monthly budget is spent on groceries. Over the years we have seen a rise in food prices. Fueled by a rise in the cost of commodities, diesel fuel, food safety and any other cost that is involved getting the product to the end consumer. If you are looking for a few extra ways to save money at the grocery store read on.

Money Saving Tips at the Grocery Store

  • One of the best ways to save money is to plan your meals for the week and only make one trip to the store when you have plenty of time to shop, and the store is the least crowded.
  • Shop with a list and check the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets when compiling your list. Shop with a completed list and try to stick to it! Grocery shopping is less stressful when you know your meals ahead of time and have the things that need to be written down.
  • Shop at the grocery store that offers the best prices for the food items you use most.
  • Look through store ads and clip coupons for the things you use the most.
  • Grocery shop without your children if possible. They tend to add things to the cart not to mention stress.
  • Everyone that has been to Costco knows they are notorious for handing out samples. Avoid buying them. If the item isn’t on your list keep moving. You can consider adding an item to your next week’s visit to the store.
  • Plan healthy meals without using a lot of processed foods. Also, consider having a meatless dinner once per week.

There are many ways to save money at the store, and you can continue to save once you get your food home by keeping your food safe and fresh. Learn to make things from scratch and try some new recipes. Don’t forget about coupons! They are a great way to save money, but the trick is not to buy the food you have coupons for but food you normally buy with a coupon…right?