Why Does Jesus Prevent Women From Leaving Husbands

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Hardymum

Why does Jesus prevent women from leaving their husbands even if they are being abused? Must a woman have an affair in order to escape a marital nightmare?

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1 Jason

People have issues with self-control and they end up saying and doing things that are hurtful to others. Jesus doesn’t want you to sit around and be a victim of abuse. I think there are many options available to people to fix their marriages. Abuse can be labeled anything from getting the silent treatment to severe mental, physical and emotional abuse. If your husband is a Christian then you should be able to get help from the church in the form of counseling for you both. Other Christians can help hold you both accountable for the changes that need to be made. If the abuse is really bad then you need to get to a safe place. Divorce doesn’t have to be immediate; as long as you are safe you can continue to pray and allow God to change your husband. But if you feel that divorce is the only way I would not commit sexual sin just to divorce. Sin is sin, don’t make matters worse by defiling your body and the Spirit within.

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