Planning the Perfect Date

Some time ago dating normally started with a simple dinner and a movie. Dinner provided the opportunity for conversation while the movie helped the couple relax as their attention was directed at the big screen rather than each other. A traditional date like this serves a purpose but can trap you into an uncomfortable situation for an extended period if you don’t hit it off right away. Also, it doesn’t show a lot of originality since most everyone else is doing the same thing.

Before jumping into the shark tank, it is critical to get a feel for the person you are dating. If someone is dating a lot, the traditional types of dates can get old rather quickly. It’s the person who comes up with something different that is going to stand out from the rest. An ideal way to come up with a variety of ideas for the first few dates is to get to know the person before actually planning a “date”. Learn what their interests are in comparison to yours. Do you both like to read, bike, eat sushi, hike, take walks or hang out on the beach? Finding this information out beforehand can give you the upper hand when planning the perfect date. Discover what others like by reading their online profile, emailing, talking on the phone and meeting at your local Starbucks for a latte.

Once you have a pretty good understanding of your potential dates’ interests, it is time to get thinking outside the box. Remember, just because you know how to ice skate doesn’t mean your date will and you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable on the date so plan carefully.

I strongly believe one of the main reasons I got a second date with the woman I later married was because of my originality on our first date. This was the first time I ever pulled this kind of stunt, but after dinner at a nice restaurant, I presented her with a small card. On the card was a treasure hunt that would take place at local bookstore. We were both assigned the same tasks and went through the store learning about one another. We found cookbooks to show our favorite foods, travel books to manifest our dream vacation, recommended a self-help book to each other, read jokes out loud and even took a relationship quiz. I had no idea what this woman was thinking about the date, yet I knew from our previous conversation she was interested in these areas, so it gave me an opportunity to learn more.

After our relationship grew, we discussed our “bookstore” date and one of the things that stood out was the fact that I took a chance on something different than many of her other dates. Our future dates consisted of walks along the river, hiking, eating lunch in a cafeteria, walking downtown during art and crafts fair, and occasionally going out for dinner.

Imagine the type of dates you could set up with someone you know a thing or two about. Maybe you could go geocaching, take a walk through the zoo, have a picnic lunch in the park, or take your dogs to the dog park. Once you start thinking creatively, the possibilities are endless. The key to planning the perfect date is to do something you both enjoy and have fun.