Is Life Passing You By?

Life is always changing, unfortunately, we become blind and wake up 7, 10, 12 years down the road and wonder where time has gone. We see our children grown and independent, our waistline much wider than before, personal relationships are no longer what they were, or we have an overwhelming desire to buy a red sports car.

Countless individuals wake up one day and find that life has made its own choices and passed them by. Recently, I have started contemplating my red sports car and wondering if there is more to life than simply existing. I felt I had missed my true calling, God’s purpose, and inspiration. My wife, the patient soul she is, decided I would be better off if I were to do more than complain and take some action. That’s when I made the decision to read 48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal by Dan Miller. This isn’t necessarily a book about finding a new job than finding out what you were called to be. By utilizing my God-given skills, inspirations and abilities I can be in tune with God’s will for my life rather than live based on ego and my selfish desires (or the desires of others) that have robbed me of ever being satisfied.

Manage Life Rather Than Let It Manage You

People naturally explore the cons and pros of any significant life choices such as changing jobs or buying a new home. One of the major motivators is what will change get you? If changing jobs is going to get you more money but demand more of your time it may come at a cost, damaging your personal life. Is the trade-off worth it? When people come to the end of their lives, they rarely wish they had more power and money. What they do hope for is that their loved ones know just how much they care and that they are sorry for not being around more often. It is clear that personal relationships make up a considerable part of people’s lives.

It’s never too late to manage your life and change the course you are on. I thought after the age of 40 people were pretty much stuck where they were, however, I have seen others make major life-changing decisions in their golden years that have proven to me that you can do whatever you set your mind too. Some changes are easy and merely require self-discipline such as developing a closer relationship with God. Others require more work such as getting a college degree or losing 60 pounds.

Stay on top of things by knowing where you want to go and stay motivated. If your daily decisions aren’t in line with your goals and there is a gap between your goals and current behavior, then you need to either modify the goal or the response. Change is more likely to occur when people see that their actions conflict with their personal goals such as health, success or family happiness.

Health, financial and relationship problems are constantly happening. Divorce rates are still at nearly 50 percent, the economy is far from recovering (globally), and relationships are harder than ever to maintain. It’s important to manage the things that come up, and it is just as important to be proactive and tackle issues before they become a problem. Where is life passing you by? Is your relationship with your family what you want it to be? Are you happy with your vocation? What are you going to do different tomorrow that will bring you one step closer to God, joy and inspiration?