Are You a Fan of Groupon?

Are You a Fan of Groupon?

by Jason Deines

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Saving money has never been easier or more fun than the Groupon experience!

Why is it that every time it feels like I am getting ahead, putting a few dollars into savings, I need new tires on the car? It never seems to fail. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the blessing God has given and I will continue to do the best I can with what He has given.

When I was a single parent I had to find ways to stretch a dollar. There was never a shortage of things that needed fixed, cleaned or replaced. By knowing where to look you can save quite a bit of money when it comes to various things. Check your local phone book for coupons, the Sunday paper has coupons, print coupons off online, the Value-Pak coupon mailer and the cherry on top is… Goupon. I love Groupon! The deals they offer are great and you can save a lot of money on things that you really need. I have used them for carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, tree trimming services, frozen yogurt, Starbucks, electronics, dining and the (very) occasional massage. Groupons are easy to buy, easy to use and offer a variety of deals. If you aren’t familiar with them I strongly recommend checking it out. It won’t cost you a dime to sign up and you may find that you can save money on a lot of the things you actually enjoy doing and the things that need to get done. It never hurts to treat yourself to something special, especially if you get if for a great deal. .

How Groupon Works

All you do is sign up for Groupon, select your city and you will begin to receive deals from local businesses that offer savings for their services. It’s that easy. You always have plenty of time to redeem your Groupon and the satisfaction of getting something for half off is always great.

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