Tap True Happiness

Happiness is one of those emotions that can change in an instant. It can be affected by nearly everything and sometimes nothing (if you are the ultra-sensitive type). A defiant child, a rain storm the day after washing your car, rush hour traffic, waiting in line, not getting the promotion at work, gaining 10 pounds over the holidays, divorce, etc. It seems there is no shortage of obstacles that can test a person’s happiness. This may be true but only if you let your happiness be controlled by your emotions and the countless strings they are attached to.

Tapping into true happiness isn’t about avoiding obstacles or letting your emotions not get the best of your from time-to-time, it is about having a pure heart. Pure heart, there I said it again, and it scares me. What exactly is a pure heart? I think in its simplest form, a pure heart is a heart that desires to please God and place His Kingdom before all other things. It isn’t about perfection but faith. A good test to determine where you are on the pure heart scale is to evaluate the motives behind the things you do. Long ago I used to volunteer several times a week with the idea that I was helping others, but in all actuality, I was looking to meet women. Terrible, I know, but I was so consumed with getting married so four years later I could get divorced. I wasn’t there to serve God. I was there to serve my desires. I had mixed and selfish motives!

God knows all we do, good and bad, yet He still loves us. When we serve, pray, read our Bibles, go to church and lend a helping hand it should be because we love God and we are people of integrity. The bible says we should give without the left-hand knowing what the right is doing; we should give in secret.

Mathew 6:2 – “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

Jesus talks about people fasting, praying and giving in the name of God but what they are really after is a pat on the back from their peers. God will reward us for our deeds or man will, it’s one or the other. A key indicator of a pure heart is keeping it secret when you do good.

You can begin to tap true happiness by realigning your priorities with Gods’. You accomplish this by knowing where your time and energy is being spent. When you draw near to God, His will for your life will be more evident. Grow in your faith and know that God is in control and with you at all times. Mature Christians focus on pleasing God and don’t care about praise from man. “Happy are the pure in heart.” Why? Because they are genuine!

What is the condition of your heart? Is it broken, hard, bitter, resentful or just numb? Calling Dr. Jesus! You can’t change your heart but Jesus can, all you need to do is ask.