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I have been happily married to my second husband for 10 years. I have 3 children with my ex. My ex has been through many many woman since we divorced and is with a new one now. The problem is she has a younger child and my children have already been through enough with our divorce. To now be dealing with another woman and her child (this is not the first time he has dated someone with a child) and it effect/affect my household and my children. I am finding myself tired of dealing with yet another new person and their problems. My youngest comes home and breaks down because of the differences in parenting/outcome. It is VERY difficult for them and frustrating for me to watch them struggle with something that they don’t even feel like they can talk with him about. I have my children in counseling so they can talk to the therapist about their feelings and I have even come up with my own solutions for them to try so that they may have more patience with the relationships at hand. Just looking for some more if you have any…

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1 Jason Deines

I struggled with this myself and I had to accept I was pretty much powerless and could not control what was going on at my exwife’s house. As long as our child was safe, legally I could not do anything. I think you are on the right course with the counseling and listening to you children. It is important to have the same rules at both households but again you are powerless. I did a lot of praying and giving it over to God. I know I am not much help but sometimes we just need to accept the things we cannot control.

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