Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience

by Jason Deines

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I remember back in my late 20’s I was riding my mountain bike along a busy road when I decided to accelerate quickly and get out of dodge. While I was pedaling with all my might my chain slipped causing my foot to forcefully hit the ground, cracking it. As this happened I completely lost control and swerved into oncoming traffic. For a brief second all I can remember is closing my eyes as the front grill of a large van approached my head. There was no sound of the horn, squeaking breaks or screeching tires. Yet, miraculously in an instant I was upright and delivered from what I thought was imminent death.

As I stood on the side of the road, foot throbbing, heart pounding and out of breath I was literally confused to why I was standing and not a bloody mess on the ground. Did God intervene? Do I have a guardian angel looking out for me? I guess I don’t know for sure what happened but I like to believe that God was looking out for me, why, I may never know. The adrenaline, fear, excitement, relief and gratitude I was feeling was so much that I was able to ride the several miles home before collapsing.

Over the years I made many bad decisions that deserved far worse consequences than I received. I got into predicaments that I didn’t belong yet I emerged fairly unharmed. I know that God has been watching out for me for a long time and each time He saved my sorry butt I would be thankful and I would have a new resolve to be a better Christian.

We’ve all experienced moments like these and we may have a few more until ultimately our number is called. Each time we experience a “near life death” experience or mercy we find ourselves closer to the Almighty Creator. We don’t have to wait for bad things to happen to experience God’s love. He is always with us; He isn’t with us more or less when times are tough – He is with us the same. It’s usually our hearts, sin and state of mind that make it feel God is not with us.

Today, spend some time reflecting on situations where God has reached down and pulled you out of the lion’s den. It’s never too late to consider the things God has done and is doing in our lives. When we take the time to reflect we give credit to where credit is due rather than feeding our own pride.

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