How to Live Life and Honor God

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I have been separated for 18 months and divorced for 6 months now. I became an alcoholic, verbally abusive and and an adulterer which ended up in separation. Jesus came into my life 4 months after my separation. I have repented of my sins and sought reconciliation with my wife, but before Jesus I filed for divorce. She would not forgive me and will not reconcile. My father in law is a Pastor and does not believe reconciliation is restoration of the relationship. We have two young boys 4 & 6 years old. I am at my end. I have submitted to her, begged her for mercy and grace, and forgiveness. Our communication skills have never been great. Now she tells me she doesn’t trust me and questions everything I say and do. I ask her what I can do, say , learn or repent of to make things better for us. She is silent. I beg God to speak into my life. He is silent. I cannot raise my kids in an environment where they are exposed to anger and unforgiveness after learning about God. How do you live for and honor God in the midst of sin and conflict? How do you teach your children in the midst of it? Please help me.

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  1. Tim, each and everyone of us fall short. We often expect to be dramatically different after accepting Christ but the truth is we still sin. We have our weaknesses but the joy comes from knowing that God will forgive us, even when others won’t. I can understand why you would want to reconcile with your ex but she may not desire it. I think the best thing that you can do is show her how you have changed. Not but words but by actions and this takes time. God is always at work in His children, molding us to be more like Jesus. Maybe someday your ex will see the dramatic change in you maybe she won’t. I was once told that you need to let things go and if it was meant to be God will bring them back around. Do that with your ex and see what happens, maybe she comes back around or maybe God opens your eyes to a new path. We live in a cold hard world and the best defense is prayer. God does hear you!

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