God, Are You Listening?

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Submitted by Christine

I’m one year into a divorce that I didn’t want. I’ve asked so many things of The Lord but I continue to get the short end of the stick or walked all over by the court, my husband and both daughters. Why is The Lord sending my prayers to voicemail?

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1 Jason Deines

I think every Christian has felt that God isn’t listening at some point but rest assured He does hear you. Unforntunately, we don’t always get the answer we were hoping for.Recently, I attended a study on how to hear God and a big part was learning to quiet my mind so I could actually hear what He had to say. When going through a divorce it is so hard to be able to stop and listen. We just want everything to go our way but unfortunately it often doesn’t. Rest assured that God is listening and He understands what you are going through so have faith that no matter how things turn out He does have a plan. I found comfort in the book of James, maybe you will too. Have faith and draw near to Him, you will see Him working around you and from within. Hang in there.

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