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I have a question concerning divorced Christians. I know a divorced Christian couple that is trying to reconcile their relationship, however he has been in an intimate relationship with another woman since the divorce. She initiated the divorce however I don’t believe there were Biblical grounds for the divorce. Now he is struggling with returning to his ex because the divorce wasn’t Biblical or trying to move forward with his current companion. Any help would be appreciated.

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1 Jason Deines

Hi Mala,

Usually, when people divorce there is responsibility on both sides and a lot of pain. For me it comes down to what these two people think God would want for them and if they can reconcile and love one another. Can God restore their marriage? yes I believe He can if they give it over to Him and work at it. If they truly want to be together they have to work on it as any relationship. The past is the past and when we ask God to forgive our sins, He forgives and forgets. We are usually the ones who hold on to the past and unless the root cause is addressed then most relationships will continue to fail. I wish I could be of help answering your question but I really don’t have the wisdom.

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