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Hello. I am engaged to a believer, who has been divorced for 3 years and when we decided to get married, he felt the need that he had to reconcile with his ex-wife. He does not want to reconcile with her because the fear of what happened that caused their divorce is too great. Are we free to marry? Is there any scriptural support on gives us that ok to marry? Or does he have to reconcile with his ex-wife?

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1 Jason Deines


I’ve heard of couple reconciling after they’ve been divorced but I don’t know of any biblical grounds requiring it. Without knowing all the details for me it comes down to sin. Sin is sin and you can’t make up for past sins. All you can be is forgiven. I don’t see how a marriage will work unless both people want to make it work. If you want to be together I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t be.

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