Prayer Request from Suzanne

by Jason Deines

in Prayer and Support

Hi! My name is Suzanne. My husband came home on this past Thursday night and told me that he wants a divorce–no separation. My husband and I are both Christians who love Jesus with our whole hearts. I’ll make a long story short. When I grew up there was verbal, sexual, mental and physical abuse and neglect. I brought ALL of that into my marriage and unforgiveness. I was defensive toward my husband–not needing to be whatsoever–like no man will ever… I treated him very badly. I was abusive to him in many ways through the years. In 2014, we saw a marriage counselor and we’ve been working with our Pastor. My husband would tell you that I’ve changed for the most part where I’m consistently nice to him through the last 1.5 years. God truly is changing me. My husband said that he can’t forgive me and he doesn’t want to forgive me. And I know there’s things that need more maturing in me for sure and consistency. Anyway he’s been out all night. I’m sure he’s staying with a friend or something. Can you please pray for his safety, for his relationship with Jesus to be restored, that Jesus would change his heart and mind, and for our marriage to be restored. Thank you for your prayers and website! I love my husband with my whole heart. Through letting the anger go towards my husband because I wasn’t able to love him and improve the marriage at the same time, I was able to forgive my mom and dad. I should never have been angry with my husband in the first place. Anyway that’s it. Thank you.

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1 Derek Estes


Forgiveness is not an option for a Christian, the Bible says that if you will not forgive then the Father will not forgive you. To not forgive, is to put someone in a position larger than God who sent his own son to be sacrificed brutally on the cross for forgiveness.

I did a great many things wrong in my marriage and a covenant in marriage says for better or worse. The guilt you have is a lie that will inhibit you from true communion with God and it is directly from Satan himself. Recognize it and know you are forgiven.

Your spouse by choosing not to forgive will have a reckoning as he is in open rebellion against God. I say that in knowing my spouse, who is divorcing me, is a great person but also in absolute rebellion in a refusal to forgive.

Unforgiveness is a cancer. I encourage you to read the Bait of Satan…it was a tool that God used to show me my own unforgiveness. Stay strong and know that Jesus deals with us all in love, but being a follower of Jesus and saying you love him with all your heart while refusing to obey the parts you don’t like is to speak hollow words.

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