Prayer Request from Vonda

by Jason Deines

in Prayer and Support

Please join me in prayer for peace and happiness. I recently escaped a long marriage of domestic abuse which nearly destroyed me. I lost my job, I lost my confidence, and I lost my desire to persevere- until recently when I met a wonderful man, interviewed for a great job, and began dreaming once again of a wonderful life. But it seems like these things that are almost within my grasp will be taken from me before I even get to enjoy them. I need this job to support my family. The opportunities that it can provide are what I’ve dreamed of. The man that I met is amazing. I just hope that my troubles from the past will not make me chase him away. I want a family again. I want and need to feel loved and accepted. I want a chance to rebuild my life. I pray that I will get these opportunities in Jesus’ name.

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