About Me

In 2007 I was overwhelmed with feelings of grief, anger, heart-ache, loneliness, and bitterness due to divorce. I felt ashamed because as a Christian I thought this should not be happening to me. I was lost and blamed God for my wife leaving me, the church I was attending didn’t offer much help and I didn’t know where to turn.

I began to wonder if there were others with similar feelings and experiences so I began to write and publish my writing on WalkingTheChristianLife.com. I am no expert, I’m not a pastor, nor a counselor, I am simply a person who has gone through a divorce and tried working through the obstacles set before me.

I am no stranger to making mistakes; much of my pain is self-inflicted, however after my divorce I became determined to take control of my life (at least pretend I am in control) by changing areas of my life that I could. I believe, in order to be healthy we need to focus on our emotional, spiritual, social and physical aspects of life. I wanted to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over and I wanted to experience what it was like to have healthy relationships. It took this major loss in my life to experience God in a new way and use my past to create a better future.

I am the father of a wonderful daughter; pretty much learning as I go and in 2011 I remarried a great woman but a woman whom would not have given me the time of day if I had not taken the time to learn how to love myself and become a better person.

There is life after divorce but first you must learn to heal and move on. That is what this website is about (that is what I am about); dealing with the pain, healing, rebuilding and finding joy again – so welcome to WalkingTheChristianLife.com and I hope you find my life experience useful.