Child Custody and Co-Parenting

child custody and co-parentingChild Custody and Co-parenting are two of the most important issues that will need your attention after divorce. Children often blame themselves for their mom and dad splitting; one parent sometimes alienates the other; children have mixed feelings and questions, often times with answers they shouldn’t hear. Divorce can get very ugly and messy, trapping the children in the middle. Even though children can be resilient they still need to feel loved by both parents and know what to expect down the road. Here are some resources that can assist you with talking with your children about divorce and other co-parenting issues.

Stability – Key Concept to Helping Children after Divorce

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I’ve had quite a few years to reflect on the effect divorce has had on my daughter. The first year was the hardest but Madalyn seemed to be quite resilient. Her mother was consistently taking an active role in her life. However, over time, things started going downhill very quickly. My ex-wife became very unstable […]

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How to Tell Your Children about Divorce

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Divorce is troublesome enough but explaining it to your children in a manner that they will understand is even more problematic. The last thing children ever want to hear is, “Your mom and dad are getting a divorce.” Children of all ages require structure, routine and security in order to grow up healthy and happy. […]

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Fighting Parental Alienation

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Over the years we have seen family dynamics changing; fathers are taking a more active role in raising the children as mothers are pursuing careers. Unfortunately, many families are broken up due to divorce and if couples aren’t able to put their differences aside for the sake of the children it can result in the […]

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Telling Children About Divorce

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No child wants to hear that their parents are getting a divorce but it should not keep you from telling him the truth. It is important to understand what your child may struggle with as their parents go their separate ways. They may feel lost and uncertain about their futures, they may feel responsible and […]

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Self Help Child Custody

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Divorce is a family issue and for marriages that involve children it can be messy and expensive. Defending your rights as a parent is critical when going through a divorce because how it plays out will determine the amount of time you get to spend with your child and when. It used to be that […]

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Father Child Custody: Sole Custody

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What is sole custody – is an arrangement whereby only one parent has physical and legal custody of a child (the other parent typically gets what is referred to as visitation rights). Most fathers that have gone through a divorce understand that their chances are slim when it comes to getting sole custody of their […]

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Fathers and Daughters after Divorce

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Parenting is one of the most important missions God has given fathers. To our daughters we are the most important man in their lives. The family unit is designed to teach our children what it is supposed to be like when a loving father and mother put God first, then their relationship, and then the […]

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Protect, Listen, and Encourage

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During divorce things can get a bit crazy but you need to remember that your children experience an array of emotions, just like you do, when they find out about the divorce. A common result is the children blaming themselves for the divorce, which as parents you know is the farthest from the truth but […]

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Effects of Divorce on Children

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—Begin Rant— As I was looking into information on the effects of divorce on children I came across this statement that said parents were concerned about the effects the divorce would have on their children. The problem I have with that is that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. You would think if we […]

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Co-Parenting – Disciplining Children

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It is hard enough disciplining a child these days with all the controversy on what is appropriate and what isn’t. Do we risk having our children taken away from us by using a swat every now and then or do we use what they call positive disciplining, reinforcing children’s good behavior. Personally, I don’t see […]

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Your Child’s Self Esteem

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No matter the age, children of divorced parents can take it upon themselves to carry the blame for the break-up of the family. They think if they behaved better, listened better, got better grades, helped out more then things would not have gotten so bad at home. Obviously this is not true… the responsibility for […]

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The Children Suffer

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When Madalyn was 5 she would continue to ask me why she could not be with mom and dad the same amount of time. And to be honest, I found it extremely difficult to explain to her the reasoning. The truth is more than what she could handle and most certainly the last thing I […]

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Dealing with Exs New Love and Your Children

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Nothing seems to generate jealousy after a divorce then when one parent has a new love interest. In most cases it has nothing to do with the fact that their ex has a new partner. What bothers people is that this new love interest will be around their children. Very few people are able to […]

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Men Don’t Have to Lose the Divorce Battle

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This post is primarily for men. I am simply passing along information and not looking for a long heated debate. None of us want to come home and hear from our spouses lips, “I want a divorce.” I remember the day my wife told me. It was nearly 11 pm and I was drifting off […]

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Fight for What is Important

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I don’t often talk about parenting, co-parenting, or custody issues because people are at so many different stages with their kids, those that have them, that is. Plus I am no lawyer and I definitely am not a judge of what makes a good parent or not. Things have been extremely crazy in my life; […]

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