Christian Dating after Divorce

Christian Dating after DivorceChristian Dating after Divorce is something that should not be rushed. It was several years before I felt, somewhat, comfortable dating. I spent countless hours improving who I was, healing from past relationships and learning how to love and receive love. When I did feel ready to date I tried the singles group at church without much success. I eventually started online dating and gained valuable insight about myself and the opposite sex. After nearly a year I met the woman I am with today. We have a great relationship and I look forward to growing old with her. Free Christian Online Dating Guide

Planning the Perfect Date

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Some time ago dating usually started with a simple dinner and a movie. Dinner provided the opportunity for conversation while the movie helped the couple relax as their attention was directed at the big screen rather than each other. A traditional date like this serves a purpose but can trap you into a uncomfortable situation […]

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Dating Advice after Divorce Over 40

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Dating over 40 can be a blast and very rewarding if you willing to listen to some dating advice after divorce. Successful relationships will develop in your life if you know who you are, where you are going and love the person God made you to be. Just because you are over the age of […]

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Online Relationships

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Years ago the idea of developing online relationships had a stigma about it. However, online dating has grown in both popularity and acceptance. Today, nearly 1 out of 5 people have dated someone they met online. Online relationships have gained so much traction over the years it is now the third most popular way for […]

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How to Start Dating after Divorce

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How to start dating after divorce is a tricky question and the one question most people who have gone through a divorce will eventually ask themselves. It can be a long time before a person feels ready to get back into dating after years of marriage, time spent healing and reluctance to enter the dating […]

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Dating After Divorce with Children

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Dating after divorce with children can be challenging; who has time to fit one more thing into a single parenting life-style let alone something nerve-racking as dating? I think before you start dating you need to first understand how your children may feel about it. It shouldn’t keep you from taking that step but it […]

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Why Set Up an Online Dating Email

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Whether dating online or the old fashion way it is important to consider safety, for both men and women. Meeting people for the first time can be nerve-racking, however because of technology we have a way to take the edge off; I am referring to email. You can learn a lot about someone before meeting […]

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Qualities to Look for in a Mate

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Qualities to look for in a mate obviously differ from person to person and knowing what you are looking for presents its own challenges. I know when I started dating after divorce I was uncertain about the type of woman I wanted to be with – we all have our dream person but then reality […]

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Dating Communication 101

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Healthy communication isn’t everyone’s strong suit, especially after a rough marriage which ends in divorce. But eventually the pain goes away, wounds heal, self-improvements are made and it is time to get back into the dating game. Communication is a major part of our lives, we are doing it almost constantly either verbally or non-verbally […]

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Online Dating: You Get what You Give

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When I took my first plunge into online dating my results weren’t that great. I did not spend much time on my profile nor did I seriously pursue potential dates. I guess I hoped it would be easier than what it was and women would be the ones breaking the ice. This mentality made for […]

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Breaking the Ice with Christian Online Dating

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Some people are naturals when it comes to dating but then there are those such as myself that get anxious and nervous simply thinking about getting back out in the dating scene. Nevertheless, if you want to meet someone you need to put yourself out there no matter how dating makes you feel. I found […]

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Why Relationships Fail

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There are countless reasons why relationships fail or at least begin to fail. Some people are surprised when it does, others not so much but one thing is certain; relationships take work and they take a conscious effort to make them last and at the same time be rewarding. After divorce there are many questions […]

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Stacey on Dating after Divorce

Here is an email I received from a visitor and thought I would share it. I usually enjoy reading what is going on in other people’s lives and I think it helps others to relate. My experience, I was married to my husband for 19yrs. after locking myself up in apartment for a year after […]

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Christian Dating after Divorce

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For many of us it has been years since we have dated and the thought of dating is just short of terrifying. The bible doesn’t give us details about Christian dating after divorce but the message is pretty much the same as when we are looking to marry. The key component in finding the right […]

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The Sting of Rejection

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When we are rejected it makes us feel unwanted and it can really put a dent in our self-esteem. If we are rejected from a person that we love it can be devastating and lead to depression, anger and guilt. When my marriage ended I felt like there was something wrong with me, that I […]

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Meeting the Right Person

Even if you hit it off with someone it doesn’t mean that they are the right person. You may think the world of them and each time you lay eyes upon them it is like seeing them for the first time but that is a two way street and they may not reciprocate. I used […]

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Women, Expectations, and Independence

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Since I have been dating, I have come to the conclusion that my previous expectations of women and what I hope to get in return are incorrect. They seem to have led me to making wrong decisions as well as giving me false hope and here is why… It is interesting how this new era […]

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Are You Sure You Are Ready to Date After Divorce

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I would imagine that most of us never thought we would ever have to date again; yet here we are. We expected a lot from marriage but for one reason or another it sank to a barren drabness eventually to die out altogether. If we become cynical because of our matrimonial failures we won’t be […]

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Superficial vs Personal

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Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of relationships? There are so many things to consider and “feelings” can really get in the way and mess things up. When looking into building new relationships it is important to keep your feelings under control and learn what you can about other people. This requires communication and […]

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Dating after Divorce

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Christian dating after divorce isn’t something that should be rushed into. There are several factors that can affect when a person is ready to date after divorce. It was about a year after my divorce that I thought I was ready to date and to my surprise I was so NOT ready. Sitting there with […]

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