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guest postsOccasionally guests, authors or website publishers will visit and share their wisdom or thoughts, that is what this section is all about. Feel free to email me at with an article you have written which you would like me to consider posting, please use the words “Guest Post” in the subject line.

Our God: Healer of Broken Hearts

Although many put up a cold front, few if any of us walk away from a divorce, no matter how amicable, unscathed. A divorce is essentially a fracture. Two pieces that were once joined together; in marriage, through bank accounts, children, friends and family have now split apart and the result: a broken heart. But […]

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Unforgiveness: The Root of Bitterness

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Unforgiveness grows into bitterness and resentment, poisonous emotions that torture you. These emotions cause stress and pressureand can lead to unhealthy physical and emotional ailments. Unforgiveness does not torture the person that wronged you it only tortures you. It creates suffering. Unforgiveness and resentment are the ties that bind you to the past, to the […]

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Submitted by Ruthann Clayton Wisdom and discernment, lost arts of ages past. I say to my daughter, ‘ Be more concerned about your inner character than your outer beauty. My own mother said this once to me, and I never forgot. It was wisdom. What a sharp turn we have taken as a world so […]

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Love Yet to Be

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Submitted by Ruthann Clayton The construction of the soul is built with many pieces. If one block is missing, the entire structure is compromised. The fundamental building blocks are the most critical and have the greatest consequence and impact. These blocks are acceptance: that our being is welcomed in to the world, validation: that our […]

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What is Love

By Jay Love is putting others before yourself. Love is finding forgiveness for others regardless of how they have wronged you. Love is loving God more than you love yourself. Love is putting your feelings aside so that God can work in a situation. Love is letting go of someone so that God can work […]

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Stacey on Dating after Divorce

Here is an email I received from a visitor and thought I would share it. I usually enjoy reading what is going on in other people’s lives and I think it helps others to relate. My experience, I was married to my husband for 19yrs. after locking myself up in apartment for a year after […]

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Jesus the Just Judge

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His love and mercy are the ultimate authority. Six years ago I joined a divorce support group at a local Catholic church where I was tremendously blessed to meet a young mother who quickly became a close friend. She and I were going through very similar circumstances and our paths continued to run parallel. Together […]

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Keep Your Focus on Eternity

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God’s love for each of us is very personal. One evening almost ten years ago I was resting in the spare bedroom of our former home and suddenly a huge book appeared before me. The book was open to a section that described the Sacrament of Marriage as designed by God for humanity. Words were […]

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Update from Ditlhoriso

I would to thank the Lord for websites like these, God Has been great I have seen him to be a faithfull God and who always keeps his promises. The only disadvantagwe is that when ever you go through some challenges in life God seem to be quite,christian friends to be distant and a person […]

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