Money Matters

Divorce will have a major impact on most families financially. In a society where many women are choosing to work to help pay the bills and buy more toys it can easily get overwhelming when the family income is cut in half. The cost of raising children increases and their well-being should be both parents’ primary concern. Money Matters is a section that will share tips and information on how to stretch a dollar, money management, and from time to time special offers. Additional Info in Finances and Employment

Invest in Inner Growth – Financial Freedom

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When we think about investing we most often think about our retirement – our ever dwindling nest egg. Sure this is a good long-term goal but do you know what will significantly increase your returns? Investing in yourself today! For years I overlooked investing in myself and because of this I was guided by bad […]

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Are You a Fan of Groupon?

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Saving money has never been easier or more fun than the Groupon experience! Why is it that every time it feels like I am getting ahead, putting a few dollars into savings, I need new tires on the car? It never seems to fail. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the blessing God has given and […]

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Pinching Pennies

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For many Americans today, finances are tight and everyone is looking for ways to pinch pennies and save money. Almost immediately after divorce a family’s income is cut by 1/3rd or more, depending on who had the biggest paycheck and how much each person worked. Starting over again and taking care of children at multiple […]

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