Rants and Raves

rants and ravesOccasionally I just need to blow off some steam or talk about issues that really don’t have much to do about anything but it always feels good to get it off my chest. Hence the rant and raves section.

Best Time to Celebrate the Holiday

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For me, the best time to celebrate the holidays is when they are over! Yes, you heard me right; over, finished, done, concluded, ended, OVER. Okay, I realize that it might sound like I am bitter or a Scrooge when it comes to the holiday season but I find it exhausting. The routine I cherish […]

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Why I Won’t Buy From a Retail Jeweler Again

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There is a saying, “ignorance is bliss” but unfortunately ignorance isn’t always forever and we are forced to see the brutal reality of things, in this case, why I won’t buy from a retail jeweler ever again. It all started several weeks ago when I was brainstorming for ideas on how to get some extra […]

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Divorce: Driving Forces

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Many of us have parents, grandparents, and other relatives that it isn’t uncommon to hear about their 25, 35, and even 50 year anniversaries. It seems that it wasn’t very long ago that couples knew something we don’t today. It is obvious, times are a changing and with change comes the good and the bad, […]

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Get a Grip – Don’t Take it Out on Your Child

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Divorce is a traumatic time and if you are a parent it can be even more challenging. No one wants to go through a divorce and that especially goes for children. For most families the dynamics are going to change significantly and everyone is going to be dealing with things in their own way. One […]

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Meeting the Right Person

Even if you hit it off with someone it doesn’t mean that they are the right person. You may think the world of them and each time you lay eyes upon them it is like seeing them for the first time but that is a two way street and they may not reciprocate. I used […]

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Love is a Choice

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Time and time again you see marriages end because one person says they don’t love their spouse anymore. Since when did loving one’s spouse become an option? Do we wake up one day and decide today is the day we stop loving them, no it happens over time with failed communication, selfish desires, and false […]

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January Thanks

I have to let you folks know how overwhelmed I am with joy that you have taken the time to share with me, through email, not only your pain but your success and growth. January has been an awesome month for feedback and it is well received. I don’t always get to go through my […]

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Women, Expectations, and Independence

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Since I have been dating, I have come to the conclusion that my previous expectations of women and what I hope to get in return are incorrect. They seem to have led me to making wrong decisions as well as giving me false hope and here is why… It is interesting how this new era […]

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Does Taste in Music Show State of Mind

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The past few years I have really started to enjoy music, especially while running or at the gym. I had to chuckle because I was creating a playlist for my Apple iPod and I noticed my taste in music had slipped to the dark side… Okay, not really but I seem to have a lot […]

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Practical Tips to Saving Your Marriage

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If you are having difficulties in your marriage you may find it helpful to read the following post. At the same time try to relate the following ideas into your life and situation. If you begin to contemplate what you are facing, in the light of these steps, you may find new ideas to save […]

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Save Your Marriage by Eliminating Common Irritants

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With the divorce rate what it is, 50 percent or more, whether you call yourself Christian or not it is obvious that our society is changing. Just because half of all marriages fail doesn’t meant the other half is “happily” married. I am sure that there is a huge percentage out there that people stick […]

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Life is Beautiful

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Over the years I have developed this life philosophy that from the day we are born we enter the school of hard knocks. Every time we step out our front door we can anticipate learning a lesson in one form or another. It seems that those that are the closest to us, the ones that […]

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Man vs Machine

Most probably have not noticed that over the past week I have been having issues with up time on the website. For me it has been extremely frustrating so in my efforts to resolve the problem I have changed hosting companies and moved the site. This didn’t come without cost… As I think everything is […]

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Have You Laughed Today

Laughter is an awesome medicine and it can instantly change a bad mood to good. A coworker sent me this link and this video had me in tears by the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I recommend having a kleenix handy because you may need it.

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Superficial vs Personal

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Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of relationships? There are so many things to consider and “feelings” can really get in the way and mess things up. When looking into building new relationships it is important to keep your feelings under control and learn what you can about other people. This requires communication and […]

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Can You Be Judgmental and Not Know It

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Life is about lessons and one of the best ways to learn is through other individuals. No matter how well we think we have it together there is always room for improvement. Recently, I have been looking for one of those lessons – it is hard not to when you know God has coordinated the […]

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Safe Online Community-Dating

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One of the big no-nos after divorce is to run right out and start a new relationship, no matter what you ex has, or is, doing. You need to take time and work through the issues that contributed to the divorce as well as the effects of divorce. Over the years I have tried various […]

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In Remembrance of Independence Day

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Freedom and Liberty are what today, July 4th, represents when our founding fathers declared independence from Britain. This is a day we are supposed to look back and remember the price that was paid and how we came to where we are today. If you know the history then you know that these men and […]

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Call to Fellowship

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Heck if you live in Boise Idaho I am always up for a cup of coffee, movie, or a game of pool. And I am not just talking about with the opposite sex either. Who knows maybe we can start small group for locals to hang out and do things with on occasion. Gather at […]

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Spring Time Blues

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I find it quite interesting how my emotions can suddenly take what was a wonderful day and turn it into a day of feeling loss. Unlike winter time when a person tends to slow down and spend more time at home spring time is characteristic of action, work, play, and companionship. Its great to get […]

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