Life is Beautiful

life is beautiful

Over the years I have developed this life philosophy that from the day we are born we enter the school of hard knocks. Every time we step out our front door we can anticipate learning a lesson in one form or another.

It seems that those that are the closest to us, the ones that love us the most, end up disappointing us the most. There is no doubt about it; life is hard at times but just like with seasons of the year the hard times pass in time AND they inevitably return.

We all go through different degrees of trials, pain, and suffering in our lives and it is this that builds our character, that makes us survivors, and that makes us moldable into the people we were destined to be. Remember, “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger” and “God NEVER gives us more than we can handle.”
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Superficial vs Personal

superficial vs personal

Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of relationships? There are so many things to consider and “feelings” can get in the way and mess things up. When looking into building new relationships, it is vital to keep your feelings under control and learn what you can about other people. This requires communication and listening (No, texting doesn’t count)!

One thing you might learn is that for one reason or another a relationship might develop that is superficial, lacks substance. It is nice to talk to one another, but there is no deep personal understanding of who each other is. Introverts such as myself who thrive off a few intimate relationships may struggle with the façade of maintaining a superficial relationship. What’s the point?
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Can You Be Judgmental and Not Know It

can you be judgmental and not know it

Life is about lessons, and one of the best ways to learn is through other individuals. No matter how well we think we have it together, there is always room for improvement. Recently, I have been looking for one of those lessons – it is hard not to when you know God has coordinated the circumstances.

The fact is I have been called out! It has been brought to my attention that I am quite a judgmental person. I pass it off as jokes and efforts to be humorous, but it is only humorous to me – offensive to the other people. Of course, this isn’t how I intended things to turn out, but the sad truth is it pushes people away and makes me look like a complete idiot.
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Safe Online Community-Dating

safe online dating

One of the big no-nos after divorce is to run right out and start a new relationship, no matter what you ex has, or is, doing. You need to take time and work through the issues that contributed to the divorce as well as the effects of divorce.

Over the years I have tried various ways of meeting new people, in fact this website has blessed me greatly. Yet I still lack friendships – recently, I found a new website that caught my interest, Sure I have tried other sites but this oneis different and here is why:
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In Remembrance of Independence Day

remembrance independence day

Freedom and Liberty are what today, July 4th, represents when our founding fathers declared independence from Britain. This is a day we are supposed to look back and remember the price that was paid and how we came to where we are today. If you know the history, then you know that these men and women that lead the way were godly people. It is written across this nation on money, monuments, and memorials.
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Spring Time Blues

spring time blues

I find it quite interesting how my emotions can suddenly take what was a wonderful day and turn it into a day of feeling loss. Unlike winter time when a person tends to slow down and spend more time at home, spring time is characteristic of action, work, play, and companionship.

Its great to get out and mow the lawn for the first time, apply the first application of fertilizer, and turn on the water. There is an excitement and anticipation of a new season and new growth. I love living in an area of the country where I get to experience all four seasons, but there are times when the first few weeks of spring can get to me if I let them.
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