Remarriage after Divorce

christian remarriage after divorceThere is no set waiting period on remarriage after divorce so don’t sabotage your relationships by not taking the time to deal with your issues, build self-esteem and strengthen your relationship with God. The biggest part is waiting on God to bring the right person into your life and developing a strong friendship. Don’t rush it and don’t fear it either.

One of People’s Dumbest Mistakes

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Are you “working” on your relationship with someone or are you “working” at changing someone?” People in relationships often confuse working on a relationship with trying to change or fix the other person. A lot of effort is put into nagging, manipulating and getting mad at them if and when they don’t do what is […]

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10 Tips to Make Your Marriage Better

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Ten little things that can make a big difference in your marriage. Anyone who ever said marriage is easy is either lying or has a terrible relationship with their spouse. Relationships in general can be stressful and in a society where hurting those closest to our hearts seems natural it can make marriage quite challenging […]

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The Death of Love

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Could it be that the death of love starts soon after marriage? Studies show that relationships begin to change within the first two years of marriage that could start couples down the road to divorce. I don’t think it is so much the death of love but the death of unrealistic expectations and romantic delusions. […]

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True Meaning of Commitment

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What is commitment? In the most basic sense, commitment is a pledge, promise, or an obligation. Everyone has commitments; we are committed to paying our bills, keeping our word, showing up to work, picking the children up from school and half a million other things. Commitment is also a major part of marriage and a […]

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3 Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship

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Love isn’t supposed to hurt but unfortunately we often end up hurting the people closest to us the most. Anyone who believes that having a healthy and positive marriage is easy is misguided. It takes hard work, year after year, to have a healthy and lasting relationship. There is no such thing as a perfect […]

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Making Marriage Work

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Weddings Shut One Door and Open Another – Learning to Live Together A couple’s engagement period is filled with excitement and anticipation. It is as if one has received the promise of something greatly desired, but must wait anxiously before it is delivered. This time can be characterized by the absence of a critical spirit […]

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Save Your Relationship with a Refresher

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Every day people fall madly in love and get into long-term relationships that ends in marriage. They beam at each other as they walk from the alter, feeling that nothing is impossible and their love will withstand any and every obstacle it encounters. Eventually, however, reality sets in and the honeymoon phase ends. Daily life […]

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How to Find the Perfect Gift

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We all have people in our lives we struggle finding the perfect gift for. One of my problems is the ability to keep surprises; when I get a great gift idea I run out buy it or make it and then blab to the person what I did, totally ruining the surprise. However, that is […]

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What Holds a Marriage Together?

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There are several pitfalls when it comes to remarrying after divorce. We tell ourselves that this time around we aren’t going to make the same mistakes; hopefully that is true, however, many people seek out new relationships based off their previous standards. Some people, particularly men, are driven by physical attraction. Men are visual creatures […]

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Reasons People Remarry

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There are good and bad reasons to remarry after divorce. Unfortunately many people remarry for bad reasons and either have a rough marriage or end up divorced again. An ideal scenario when it comes to remarriage is to marry someone because you are best friends, have similar goals and both want to be the people […]

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Remarriage after Divorce

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A large percentage of Christians remarry after divorce and guess what? The majority will end up divorcing for a second time. I know that I never want to go through a divorce ever again. However, I do long to be a family, to give and receive love and spend countless hours gazing into my spouse’s […]

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