self-improvementSelf-improvement definitely has its challenges. Often, we don’t get the results hoped for and it leads to discouragement. There are many reasons we fail to reach our goals or achieve the joy hoped for but there are ways to improve our chances of success. With the right amount of faith, clarity, motivation, discipline and focus you can experience the success you’ve longed for. This section provides articles, tips and resources to help on your self-improvement journey. Additional self-improvement resources.

How to Stop Complaining

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Have you ever thought you complain too much? Maybe you’ve noticed (or someone has pointed it out) that complaining has become second nature. Honestly, it isn’t totally your fault, it’s actually part of how our society is wired. A couple of the big problems with complaining are that it is draining and can have a […]

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How to Improve Your Life in 30 Days or Less

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I don’t think there are many that would pass on the chance to improve their life in 30 days or less, at least until they realize their state of being is of their own making. Life is full of ups and downs and there is no happiness without sadness. We’ve developed habits and beliefs that […]

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How Good Are You at Bouncing Back?

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Have you noticed that some people bounce back better than others? It’s a proven fact; some people are much more resilient than others. Why is that? Are they just better at handling difficulties in life? In this post we’re going to look at several possibilities to determine why this is the case and how you […]

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The Not So Silent Killer of Hope

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I’m certainly no stranger to mistakes. I made plenty when I was married to my first wife and I continue to test the waters. When I slipup, which I do daily, there is no one harder on me than myself. It’s very easy for me to start asking the ‘what if’ question, “What if I […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Day

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How do you feel at the end of your day? Do you feel good about how it played out and all that you accomplished or do you feel frustrated, tired and overwhelmed because you didn’t get to half the things you wanted to do? This day and age it can be difficult to check off […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Living in the Moment vs. Reflection I don’t know what it is about Sunday nights. When most people are sleeping and the morning hours quickly approaching I begin to contemplate my life, relationship with God, goals, beliefs, mistakes, family’s health, my next step in this journey and things that make no sense whatsoever. It makes […]

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How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Live in the Present

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With the exception of you avid snow skiers out there I don’t know anyone that isn’t super excited for spring. This may sound a bit odd but I am looking forward to spring cleaning. I love to have a place for everything and everything in its place but over the course of time I seem […]

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How Much Failure Can a Person Take?

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The question of how much failure can a person take probably doesn’t cross your mind until you are hit with a surge of failure. We’ve all failed at some of the challenges life has bestowed upon us. Whether it is at school, work, doing the right thing, sin or in our relationships with other people. […]

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How to Have a Wretched Life

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Tips for Living the Life You’ve Always NOT Wanted I’m always writing about how to live life to the fullest, heal from the past and find hope in the future but it dawned on me that some people may not want that. Instead they find comfort in misery and to feel anything else would leave […]

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Finding Balance in Life

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Maintaining a healthy balance in life can be tricky. It doesn’t take much to throw things out of whack and if not corrected the imbalance can reduce the quality of life and relationships we once had or desire. It is easy to let things begin to slide thinking we’ll get back on track but sometimes […]

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Stop Kicking Against the Goads

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Are you stubborn? Known for kicking against the goads from time to time? I know I am, or at least that is what I’ve been told. Change is a critical process that we all are going through each and every day. Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be while other times we […]

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A New Year a New You

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It’s that time of the year, AGAIN, where we either look back on our lives and wonder why things turned out the way they did or we look forward and begin with a fresh start. If you went through a divorce this past year, or any other traumatic event, you have likely been told that […]

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Tap True Happiness

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Happiness is one of those emotions that can change in an instant. It can be affected by nearly everything and sometimes nothing (if you are the ultra-sensitive type). A defiant child, a rain storm the day after washing your car, rush hour traffic, waiting in line, not getting the promotion at work, gaining 10 pounds […]

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Falling Short

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Have you ever felt there are things in your life that you continually fall short on? It seems like you get 7/8th the way there but never able to fully reach the target. This applies to making decisions, taking that first step and sometimes taking that last step to reach your goals. How long have […]

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