whats god doing in your life

Hello All,

Just want to share what God is doing in my life. Recently, after 6 months of seperation, my wife and son moved back in with me. I was so escatic that she wanted to work on things, I ended up putting pressure on her without realizing it. See, when she left, I became very humble and close to God, relying on Him completely. So I wanted her to see this new man, and instantly fall back in love with me. Let me tell you, real life is nothing like the movies. I put so much focus on making her see how good I was, I completely fell away from God. This sunday I was at Church, and I felt renewed, 100%. I have been praying a lot, and I believe there are 2 things God is trying to teach me. Patience and Understanding. A lot of people have issues with patience, especially since we live in a world that is so focused on instant gratification. If we can’t have it now, impatience and anger take over.

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God Bless You Talisha

whats god doing in your life

I am happy to report that after this coming week has passed I will be divorced and legally have no more ties to my ex-husband. After a sole-searching, empty, and depressing year I am thankful for the opportunities that God has given me to serve Him and heal through this past (nearly) 15 months. God has done great things in my life and He continues to which I am beyond thankful for. I am thankful for people like you, Jason,
who have followed God’s call to minister to people who are journeying through divorce/separation. There are so many resources out there that we never know about unless we are thrust into this situation, however that may happen. Might I add that I have also learned a tremendous amount about what God thinks or thought about divorce as is written in His word. To say I am thankful for this experience may lead some to think that I am a bit loco (crazy), but I have learned so much, been dawn closer to God in so many ways, and have had opportunities to serve Him that I know I would not have taken had I remained married. So, this experience has been a blessing, even in the darkest days, in my life.
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Lots of Hope Here

whats god doing in your life

Hi Jason…
Im not the best at writing but here goes..i do agree with you that it is wonderful to share our stories with each other. It is after all, our testimony that bears witness to how He works in our lives and His glory becomes evident.

My few months have actually been 12 months to date and im not quite sure how i made it through. Its like when your in something murky and it just goes on and on and you lose track of time and everything.You try and pray and it feels like nothings coming out or anything then all of a sudden theres a break in the sky and you begin to breathe again. The break is on the latter part of the 12 month.

Its like that for me now… i honestly feel like i literally can breathe again and even feel the breeze and the sun again… Life is returning i believe. I think i was perhaps a couple of months into my seperation when i ventured on the internet to see whether i could find anything about it all. I would read your emails hoping that God would speak to me through them… He did on
several occasions and others He didnt or i think i was just unable to hear or perceive.
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Success Story

whats god doing in your life

A few months ago I posted a prayer request for my family. My wife of 16 years had decided that she no longer loved me and hadn’t for a long time. She had given up. She wasn’t even willing to try. By the time she had told me that she no longer loved me it was too late, she had already checked out. A short time later, after a very short separation, she filled for a divorce on Aug 17th of 2010. We were divorced on Sept 28th, 16 years after we were married on Sept the 9th. She walked away from a life that God had given us and the best place to raise our two wonderful kids. To say that my life was destroyed would be an understatement to say the least. I was devastated that she never said anything to me about how she was feeling. She never gave me a chance to fix anything that she was having trouble with and how it was affecting her love for me. She felt that the only way she was going to be happy was to divorce me and find someone she could love again. The whole time this was going on God keep telling me not to give up, hold on. No matter how much I prayed or studied his word, it kept coming up with the same thing…..Don’t give up. I even started to pray that he would allow me to stop Loving her. But he wouldn’t. I kept telling him, but it kills me to continue to love her and then not have her. GOD, please let me stop.

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What is God Doing in My Life

Its been 5 weeks since my wife seperated from me. The first few weeks were unbearable. How I got through them I can only explain through the grace of God. As each day passed, the load got lighter. Sure the boulder was still there, but I was able to move. Since she left, I have been reading my bible 3 times a day, I’m constantly praying and I’m keeping myself busy. One night I really felt the lord pushing me to read Job. I am just engrossed with his life. He lost everything, and yet still feared the Lord. Today I read a great verse, Job 28:28.
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Submitted by Karen

whats god doing in your life

I found out in November ‘09, that my husband was having an ongoing emotional affair with a woman at church that we were in ministry with. She claimed (pushed) to be my friend and the church treated them like indispensable hero’s. Even thought it was funny how most people thought “they were married”, because they made such a great team. When this affair came out, they were both loved, supported and protected by the key church leaders. I was treated like the sinner and scolded if I even raised my voice at my husband or showed any anger or feelings. Even when my husband went against the agreement to sever all contact in order to stay in ministry, and months later he admitted that they didn’t, he was still able to stay and serve. He has treated me with such cruelty and anger for months as I did what I was told. “Love him back”. He crammed it down my throat about his feelings, connection and attraction to this woman. How much they wanted to act on the feelings physically, and would have if the six people in the church had not (separately) gone forward with concerns. He says these feelings are something he never felt for me. He has insisted on a divorce from the minute this affair became known. The other woman finally told her husband (four months later) and she is also insisting on a divorce now. Her husband is getting the same treatment from the church. They won’t even meet with him.
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