Life after Divorce

Life after divorce can be scary; some have slipped away from God with bitterness and resentment while others have drawn closer than ever. In the middle of divorce it is difficult to imagine what life will be like without your spouse, it can seem impossible.

Before you think about life after divorce you need to work through the grief, hurt, anger and let God heal your heart; the more you open yourself up to Him and look at yourself honestly the easier it will be. We all have our issues we need to work on and going through a divorce should not be an excuse to give up or blame our ex-spouse for the marriage failing. Divorce is a wake up call where we are given a choice; we can lie around and feel sorry for ourselves or we can re-evaluate and rebuild our lives.

Yes, there are going to be challenges; money concerns, loneliness, single and co-parenting issues, legal problems, etc but I have learned that if you continue to work towards a better life you will get there. Remember, as troubles come, they too will pass. The key is not let them discourage you from the life God has for you.

So… don’t focus on your ex-spouse and think how good they have it or continue to want reconciliation after they have remarried; focus on you! Find positive things to fill your mind and receive the blessings God has for you; your life after divorce is what you make of it.

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