CoParenting and Parenting Plans

Co-parenting after divorce is one of the most important things that need to be addressed when a marriage ends.  The children, no matter what their age need to know that both parents are there for them, love them, and that it isn’t their fault.  So often the kids get stuck in the middle and this just isn’t acceptable.  Even if just one parent can be reasonable and in tune with what their child is going through they can help take steps to provide the help, support, and love they need.

Basics of Parenting Plans

Designing a Parenting Plan
Parenting Plan Effects on Children
Parenting Plans for Infants
Parenting Plans for Children 9 to 18 Months
Parenting Plans for Children 18 to 36 Months
Parenting Plan for Children 3 to 5 Years
Parenting Plans for Children 6 to 9 Years
Parenting Plans for Children 10 to 12 Years
Parenting Plans for Children 13 to 15 Years
Parenting Plans for Children 16 to 18 Years
Parenting Plans for Holidays and Vacations

Reconnecting with Your Children

Nearly one third of parents lose contact with their children after divorce. It goes without saying that this can have a negative impact on them. The feeling of abandonment, guilt, rejection, sadness, and confusion will affect them for the rest of their lives. We all make mistakes and if you have come to a place that you are ready to reconnect with your children you need to know that simply walking back into their lives may not be the best thing. Here is a short PDF that helps show parents how to reunite with their children.

Additional Child Custody Resources

There is so much information on child custody and it varies from state to state. If you are looking for information on state laws, protecting your rights as a parent, custody modifications, restraining orders, etc you need to visit the following link: Dozens of Downloadable Child Custody Resources