Christian Dating After Divorce

Does anyone really know where to begin when it comes to Christian dating after divorce? I know I was lost, nervous and fearful of putting my feelings on the line again. I was also faced with several questions that needed answers such as:

Dating after divorce was not something I took lightly. I wasn’t looking for a partner to fill a void or complete me, I was looking for someone to show me love, accept me for who I am, inspire me and to be my best friend. I spent several years rebuilding my life after divorce and I am glad I did because the efforts I put into self-improvement changed me to the person I am today.

I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule that says you need to wait a certain amount of time before dating. More importantly you need to focus on healing and getting over your ex-spouse. The reason marriages continue to fail the second and third time around is because people don’t take the time to deal with their issues before starting a new relationship. By doing the work on the front side you can greatly increase your chances of success later down the road.

I read and used virtually every resource (and more) listed on the Self-Improvement after Divorce section. In order to have the happiness I wanted I focused on my spiritual, mental and physical aspects. It wasn’t until I felt I had made significant progress in these areas before I started dating Christian women after divorce.

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