Finding a Job After Divorce

Finding a job can be frustrating in any situation but in this economy it is especially challenging. Whether you are looking for your dream job, just starting out in your career or going back to school there are some simple things you can do to help you on your journey.

  • Think about what makes you happy. Are you a good amateur photographer and have a passion for it? Do you love working with children? Do you want to start your own business? How about working from home? Think about the things you love and what you want to be doing. Divorce should not be the end of happiness or self-growth. In fact, it may be an opportunity to pursue your dreams.
  • Break out of your routine. You need to stop what you are doing and question whether or not what you are doing is making you happy. If it isn’t leading to happiness, what are you going to do?
  • Every change starts with a thought but without action you won’t ever change anything. Take action by learning a new skill, refreshing your resume, trying new things and improving yourself.
  • Once you find what you love, pour yourself into it. I’m not saying to ignore everything else or get your life out of balance; I’m talking about devoting yourself to work when at work.


Begin your job search by creating an effective resume. Learn the purpose of a resume, resume formats and types, which resume is best, sections of a resume, how to write objective and other statements. Click Here to Get Started.

One of my favorite sites for looking for jobs is It has a lot of great tools and information on different trends and jobs per capita across the U.S. Check out Indeed Jobs to get started.

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