Coping with Divorce Books

Books and Resources for Dealing with Divorce

Grace Changes Everything Why Grace Changes Everything – After divorce it is easy to fall into guilt while feeling you need to be a better person. We try to make up for our short-comings through works. Well God has a different plan – understand what it means to be under grace.

Coping with Divorce Book The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook: A Step-by-Step Program for Those Who Are Divorced or Separated – A bible based program which provides practical tools you need to recovery from the pain and hurt that comes from divorce.

Christian Divorce Book When the Vow Breaks: A Survival and Recovery Guide for Christians Facing DivorceSurvival Guide for Christians Facing Divorce – Now an official resource of the nationwide DivorceCare ministry, this new edition of When the Vow Breaks offers practical advice to Christians regarding the top five felt needs and issues that result from facing divorce: kids, finances, anger, depression, and loneliness.

Moving Forward after Divorce Moving Forward After Divorce: Practical Steps to * Healing Your Hurts * Finding Fresh Perspective * Managing Your New Life – Divorce is a time of loss and uncertainty. This book offers insight on healing, discovering god, devleloping your interests, and raising your children.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce Hope No Matter What: Helping Your Children Heal After Divorce – Children are often the victims of divorce and no matter what age they are they will have a hard time with divorce. Learn how to help them through the process.

Other Free Books

free Christian book As Christians it can be difficult to live wholly for Jesus but it isn’t impossible. Sure we have our good days and our bad, however, with this short book you can learn how to experience Jesus Christ in a new way – Unlocking the Secret of the Christian Life.

Free Christian Book-Teach Us to Pray
Does your prayer life seem to be fruitless at times? I know mine does and it has taken me a long time to understand why. The desires of the world can squeeze out of us the ability to have an effective prayer life. Teach Us to Pray is a short book on how we can connect with God and know that we are praying in His will.

Free Christian Book-Love is Like Fire
Love is like fire – When it is first kindled in a man, small troubles and temptations smother and hinder it; but when it really burns, having kindled the man’s eagerness for God, the more temptations and tribulations meet it, the more it flares, until it overcomes and consumes all injustice and wickedness. – Peter Riedemann

Free Christian Book-Cries From the Heart
Whatever our beliefs, all of us sense that somewhere there must be answers to the age-old questions of suffering and death, life and love. Sometimes we may stumble on these answers; at other times they are yielded with learning, with experience, with the passing of years. Sometimes they come only with intense struggle – with cries from the heart.

Free Christian Book-Cries From the Heart
God wants each of us to respond to him personally and practically. This is why we pray. He wants us to know his heart, accept his work, affirm his will, and carry it out. But most of all, God wants to give himself to us. He gives us his spirit so that we might live, act, and work just as his Word did, when it became flesh.