Free Online Dating Guide Part 3

Online Dating Challenges

Online dating is not a competition to see how much attention you can get. This isn’t high school. Your attitude is the most important asset you have. You should like who you are and concentrate your efforts on searching for a partner.

Once you join an online dating site, it’s likely that you will find there are more men than women and the men are more likely to browse profiles and make initial contacts than women. It is still traditional for a man to make the first move-online dating hasn’t changed that convention and that is why your profile and picture are critical.

Remember…confident and interesting…and that doesn’t mean cocky and self-centered. It’s important that your profile lets people know that you have people in your life you care about and that you have a variety of interests. Please don’t start your profile with, “I’m the guy your momma warned you about.”

Don’t insult one another’s intelligence with lame one-liners. When you are first showing interest in someone, it isn’t necessary to write a long email, but it is a bonus if you write something that shows you read their profile and are simply not emailing because they have a pretty face.

Don’t be aggressive or over-confident. If you push too hard for a face-to-face meeting or for personal information too soon, you will come off as aggressive and maybe a bit scary. You aren’t trying to close a business deal… patience is key.

Nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws; yes, even you. If you expect your ideal mate to be perfect, you are wasting your time and setting yourself up for disappointment. Decide on the imperfections and differences you can deal with and those you can’t. Mr./Ms. Perfect Doesn’t Exist!

If you are chatting or emailing for the first time try not to get carried away and share your life story. Keep messages short and sweet and let the conversation flow smoothly. Don’t be too eager. It makes you look desperate, and desperation puts people off.

Getting Started with Online Dating

You should have a pretty good idea of what online dating entails. Rest assured that whatever your age, height, weight or physical appearance, there are people eager to get to know you. Online dating can open the door to the dating scene and help develop new friendships. All you need is a computer, internet connection, time and patience.

Online Dating Checklist

  • Create an email account to use with new venture using Gmail, Yahoo or MSN.
  • Choose the online dating site that offers the right services for you. I recommend
  • Set up a killer and honest profile with pictures.
  • Browse profiles and contact people of interest.
  • Take the time to send out only sincere messages of interest. I say this because some people just send out messages to lots of people without really reading the profile.
  • Be confident, patient, polite and safe. Remember that new people are joining every day. You never know when the right person will come along.
  • Think of this as a new adventure and have fun!
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